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LED Street Light

2 Years
Replacement Warranty
Non Breakable Durable
No Glass Parts
No UV & IR Radiation / Mercury Free
SKYRAH LED Lights and Bulbs
Available Wattage
  • 15W
  • 25W
  • 40W
  • 60W
  • 75W
  • 80W
Savings On Electricity Bill
SKYRAH LED Lights and Bulbs
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An LED street light is an integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as its light source. ... The area of heat exchange directly affects the lifespan of the LED street light

Led Street Light : New SKYRAH designed LED Street Light for secondary lighting equipped with specially desigjed heat sink powder coated aluminium housing and polycarbonate diffuser.


Solar Water Pump

Our solar powered water pumps are a low cost solution enabling residents in these areas to spend more time increasing their income by growing crops etc., rather than ferrying water from far off distances.

Solar Rooftop

Rooftop solar panels is that they offer cost savings. Rooftop panels supply electricity to buildings, so they need to buy less electricity from the grid thereby saving on energy costs.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel : Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. Photovoltaic modules use light energy (photons) from the Sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect.

Solar Street Light

Solar LED Street Lights are ideal choice for most economical illumination of common areas in housing societies, industrial and commercial complexes, roads and highways.

Solar Fan

Solar fans are also powered up through the solar panels that draw in solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. The solar panels of solar fans too can store the solar energy for night time uses.

Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns are a viable solution to replace Kerosene Lamps.Kerosene lamps are costly, inefficient, and provide poor lighting. It can be charged by solar panel and is AC grid compatible for emergencies.

Led Bulb

LED Bulbs Suitable for Home, Corporate Office, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotel, Modern Gym, Spa, Exhibition Area, Educational Lighting, Ceiling downlights, Task Lights and Other decorative fixtures

Led Spot Light

LED spotlight usually used for a make lighting effects for certain purpose. LED spotlight is a good choice for residential and commercial lighting decoration for its small and fine shape.

Led Panel Light

LED Panel Light is energy-saving: High energy efficiency and non-pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, saving more than 70% than traditional energy sources. It is the typical green lighting that is safe to touch.

Led Street Light

LED based street lights that are efficient in usage and provide for simple replacement of existing lamp units. The lifespan of an LED street light is determined by its light output compared to its original design specification.

Led Tube LIght

LED tubes are usually produced using a large number of low or medium-power LEDs. LED tubes are typically made of durable plastic and aluminium, which means that they will not shatter.

Led Flood LIght

Ascetically designed LED Flood Light Lumianire equipped with specially designed heat sink, reliable integrated energy efficient electronic driver, suitable for easy replacement of conventional flood light.


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